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Your presence on the internet or print and electronic media is all about marketing. Voilasol promotes your business and provides the solutions of your marketing needs across the world. We do provide cost effective and timeless technology solutions for small – large businesses. We apply today’s design standards of mobile & web technologies, create bespoke and open source solutions.

Logo Design

The universe of logo design is unsuspected vast. A good logo represents the vision or business and corporate identity. The proper incorporation of creativity requires alignment and balance of colors and size of the shape and word(s).

Web Design

Voilasol designs websites that are user friendly and reflect the better user experience. We consider the flow and importance of elements while designing so that it can break down for small screen sizes.

Mobile App Design

We give and interface of Android / iOS to your mobile application idea. A mobile app design or display on a smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device allows a user, communicate or interact with the interface or content of your app.

Responsive Websites

Voilasol develop responsive websites which are friendly to desktop, tablet and mobile screen sizes as well as optimized to screens that have double aspect ratio of resolution.

Web Development

The web development process includes psd to html, incorporating web content, programming, configuration and hosting on the internet to make it live.

WordPress Development

WordPress is an open source framework which is developed in php language. It provides a better using experience of content management system (CMS) for non-technical or non-programmer clients.

Responsive Interface

Our websites are optimized to mobile screens. We convert the raster or vector designs into code that has break points matching to different mobile screen’s resolutions.

Optimized to HD Screens

When media queries detect the high resolution screens, we use larger image depending on the pixel density of screen to avoid low quality or pixelated display.

Validity and Browsers Support

We guarantee the support of last three versions of all known browsers in the market. Our code will be up to standard and validated by w3c.

Reusable, well-structured model of elements, SEO friendly and Responsive

Front-End Development

Take the advantage of our expertise of providing innovative and complex front-end web and mobile solutions. Incorporate the best user experience through responsive and interactive front ends with standard front-end technologies. Voilasol provides comparatively better front-end development service that includes delivering smart user experience in static appearance and interactive functionality. Because of its flexibility our front-end developed templates can be integrated well with other frameworks or technologies. Our front-end developers are experienced to understand ux logics and reusability of various elements during the programming phase, to deliver flawless solutions. We use the best tools, techniques and follow best practices for developing front end of web applications. Our front end development service includes PSD to HTML, Customizing Themes, Email templates, Re-developing and many more!

The vast universe of

The Logo Design

A good logo or its graphic element represents the vision or business and corporate identity. The proper incorporation of creativity requires alignment and balance of colors and size of the shape and word(s).

Types of Logos
There are a few main types of logo design that are;

  • Iconic or symbolic logo
  • Text defined logo
  • Iconic & text logo
  • Emblem Logo
Starting Up Your Business

Share your Idea

That is how the good companies are established from an idea to a physical form. You might have worked on business plan and want to launch or just want to protect your idea with copyrights and patent trademark. Voilasol will work with you collaboratively brand your business.

The series of activity of a task is


We design and develop better products through definition, research, strategy and technology that always leave a remarkable impression. Voilasol implement the good practices of production cycle, follow the guidelines and dedicate the expert team member for successful delivery of your product. Once our quotation is approved the project is awarded to Voilasol, we start our production process.

Working Hours
Lovely Clients


Everything you have done on-site and off-site so your website gets searched on the internet with a search engine like Google is called Search Engine Optimization. Eventually it leads the incoming traffic to your website.


It’s the way of communication that is established by color, style and your values. Branding is when all of the stuff e.g. logo, office stationary, social media posts, and marketing materials point to same company or product with consistency.

Video Animation

We believe making an elegant animation video will show our expertise. Voilasol have an in-house animator to help you show your growth, reports, intros of a product or a company or anything you want through a video animation.

Online Advertising

There are various types of online advertising, a few are paid and a few requires some efforts and time. Voilasol offers creating material that are marketing emails, google ads as well as social media strategy, planning, integration and managing your social media pages.

Who are we?

Meet us

  • Sajjad Ahmad

    Front-end Developer & Designer

    I am eager for innovative & creative assignments with a prestigious client, with whom my abilities, experience and skills will be of true value in creative and development field.

  • Aasia Batool

    Admin & Sales Officer

    Hi, I am experienced of working in sales and admin area. Now at Voilasol, performing as business development officer and playing a role as bridge for clients.

  • Saghir Hussain

    Business Development Officer

    Hello, I have an extensive experience of business development and increasing the sale as well as operations in finance and IT sector.


  • I am very pleased with the work done by Sajjad Ahmad and other team member. They are professional, quick to respond and guide me to understand the WordPress CMS. I felt the quality of work was excellent.

    Joseph Dermott
  • Sajjad and Aasia are wonderful to work with and have been very responsive to my queries. Sajjad continues to assist me in a timely and friendly manners. Thanks you for your work and commitment to your client.

    Gina Lopez
    CFO, Lopez Foundation
  • Using Voilasols design service to creaet a website that measurably attracts more customers is a guaranteed investment. It’s a pleasure working with Voilasol. I offer high recommendations for Voilasol without reservation. Their ability will truly be an asset to any startup or organization.

    Robert Kolman

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