WordPress is a great solution for many businesses.

WordPress is free and open source

WordPress is a free and open source, it is constantly being updated and enhanced with each new version and provide support and technical documentation.

WordPress is easy to use

WordPress is widely regarded as a user-friendly CMS’s out there, especially amongst the open source. The learning curve is very gentle.

WordPress is scalable & flexible

It’s important to consider features you need in your MVP, and also what you want to add in the future. Maybe you’re just looking for a simple blog right now, but would later like to run a high-traffic e-commerce shop. You can mold it into any shape that you want.

WordPress has the largest community

WordPress has the largest group of supporters, developers, and contributors. What’s great about this is that if you’re running into a problem, chances are someone else has had the same problem before you, and there’s probably a support forum with your exact question in it.

WordPress is great for non-developers

Having a developer to make changes would be lovely, but that’s not always realistic for businesses. WordPress gives you enormous amounts of control, without any programming skills required. Themes are what dictate the look and feel of your WordPress site, and there are countless themes available for purchase. Many of them offer incredible control over both the appearance and the functionality of your site.

WordPress gives you a lot of things for free

Features that would take weeks or months to develop come right out of the box with WordPress. Some notable features include a sophisticated user login system with different levels of control assigned to the various roles (subscriber, author, administrator, etc), the ability to add new plugins that other developers have built, such as social media feeds and SEO tools, pretty URLs in the form of permalinks, and more.

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