We design and develop better products through definition, research, strategy and technology that always leave a remarkable impression. Voilasol implement the good practices of production cycle, follow the guidelines and dedicate the expert team member for successful delivery of your product. Once our quotation is approved the project is awarded to Voilasol, we start our production process. In some cases the process below is not followed exactly in order to lower the cost and timeline as well as few unnecessary steps are skipped.

  • Understand
  • Question
  • Timeframe
  • Cost
  • Get started
  • Objectives
  • Deep Analysis
  • Discuss Findings
  • Checklist
  • Actions
  • Case Study
  • Initial Draft
  • Static Wireframe
  • Interactive Wireframe
  • Discus UX Scenarios
  • Collect the material
  • Create & compare
  • Refine and Enhance
  • Precision in pixels and paths
  • Discus UX Scenarios
  • Style & Code
  • Optimize
  • Develop
  • Test and QA
  • Integrate or Deploy
  • Revisit objectives
  • Review the checklist
  • Undertake analysis
  • Present and provide outcomes
  • Create support documentation
  • Final Invoicing